Album: Days of Joy Unending

You Want it Bleak?

…Do You?

“Days of Joy Unending” the new album from Zeke Mason is here. It’s 14 tracks of pure joy and happiness for your edification. May it lift your spirits so they soar like birds in the heavens.

This follows on the heels of the short EP “A Short Soft Deep Breath” but there is no overlap (a couple of the songs on ASSDB are actually quite old, while DOJU is all shiny and new).

As always, download it here for free.

Hugs and kisses and all the rest!



01 taxonomy

02 beyond care

03 days of joy unending

04 sense

05 silence

06 plague

07 here in the desert

08 echo

09 repetition

10 passim

11 passing

12 past

13 the desert will take back its own

14 time


Here is a video for the song “Days of Joy Unending” on Youtube:

Days of Joy Unending

And the same on Vimeo:

Days of Joy Unending