Dr. Roboto & The Hardcore Crisis: The Ballad of Johnny Custard

Dr. Roboto & The Hardcore Crisis present: The Ballad of Johnny Custard:

1 – The Ballad of Johnny Custard

2 – 2 Legit 2 Resign

3 – That Intestinal Funk!

4 – Chrome Pipes

5 – You Sick Sick Fuck

6 – Gulch Mulch

7 – Johnny Custard’s Hip Hop Throwdown

8 – In Which Johnny Custard Receives A Brand New, Stainless Steel Testicle Piercing

9 – And Then Johnny Custard Discovered That The Real Gift Was The Friends He Made Along The Way And Also In Prison, Because He Went To Prison For Several Quite Awful Things

10 – The Ballad of Johnny Custard (reprise)

At long last we have a full Dr. Roboto & the Hardcore Crisis album… If you don’t love this you are an idiot, a stupid, stupid idiot. When this was first delivered to me I listened to it on repeat over and over again; you should do the same thing!

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