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Zeke Mason is in a band called Dumbass. Dumbass is an experimental music project who have been pushing sonic and thematic boundaries for over a decade. I bet you’d like to hear them… then you should definitely visit


Solo Work

Zeke has also released several solo albums since 2001, including ambient and instrumental works, string quartets, and more.



Improbable & Certain

The past and the present merge.

01 I don’t foresee any problems (2001)

02 Prometheus Bound (2013 [Contains elements from 1992])

03 Clash (1992)

04 Where else_ (2013)


Daylight, & Other Myths for Children

“The new ZM album was really an exercise in expressing the sort of ambivalence and and detachment that I feel towards/about my creative work and creative work in general at the moment – hence, music that is very abstract (no words, no engaged themes, just sound). The idea was to make music that was just a total abstraction, just sounds, rhythms, melodies, etc. where one cannot make a connection to any sort of higher meaning whatsoever.”

Download it now:

[Full album as a .zip file]

Individual tracks:

01 whatever you may think
02 and whatever you may say
03 is all the same
04 to me today
05 and whatever you can imagine
06 and whatever you can dream
07 is all for naught
08 or so it seems
09 and every time
10 you think of me
11 remember these words
12 i said to thee
13 it doesn’t matter
14 i couldn’t care
15 less than now
16 here or there
17 so said the rabbit
18 to the hare
19 as they dined on meats and ale

TR# Z05


And here is some album art for those who want to burn a cd of this fine new album.


Making Sense out of NonSense

bacteria 1
crux 2
math1 3
math2 4
micro bio 5
mood for thought 6
time waltz 7
agreement 8


Synthetic Sting Quartets

Music composed to fit a traditional form intended specifically for
performance by machines

The first group of synthetic string quartets were composed in 2002 and
have finally seen release in 2007


Odds N Sodds


all saints 1
all kinds of perhapses   2
finding things   3
mind under matter   4
moment 5
under the stars   6
lovely things   7
all sorts   8
dusty hallway 9
everyday 10
whalley abbey 11
all this i hear 12
from 13


Europa Recordings

These are audio portraits of a trip through england (Barrow in Furness (and area), Cartmel, Carlisle, Leeds, London) and Germany (Munich, Berlin).



“Suche” to locate

The installation consists of slides projected onto a white wall (nature scenes) with sounds in the background. The sounds were 15 second audio captures of various locations (urban
environments with lots of machine sounds and various other noise)

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