Album: Days of Joy Unending

You Want it Bleak?

…Do You?

“Days of Joy Unending” the new album from Zeke Mason is here. It’s 14 tracks of pure joy and happiness for your edification. May it lift your spirits so they soar like birds in the heavens.

This follows on the heels of the short EP “A Short Soft Deep Breath” but there is no overlap (a couple of the songs on ASSDB are actually quite old, while DOJU is all shiny and new).

As always, download it here for free.

Hugs and kisses and all the rest!



01 taxonomy

02 beyond care

03 days of joy unending

04 sense

05 silence

06 plague

07 here in the desert

08 echo

09 repetition

10 passim

11 passing

12 past

13 the desert will take back its own

14 time


Here is a video for the song “Days of Joy Unending” on Youtube:

Days of Joy Unending

And the same on Vimeo:

Days of Joy Unending

Album: Suche

Suche 1

Suche 2

Suche 3

“Suche” to locate

The installation consisted of slides projected onto a white wall (nature scenes) with sounds in the background. The sounds were 15 second audio captures of various locations (urban
environments with lots of machine sounds and various other noise)

New Album: Daylight, & Other Myths for Children

“The new ZM album was really an exercise in expressing the sort of ambivalence and and detachment that I feel towards/about my creative work and creative work in general at the moment – hence, music that is very abstract (no words, no engaged themes, just sound). The idea was to make music that was just a total abstraction, just sounds, rhythms, melodies, etc. where one cannot make a connection to any sort of higher meaning whatsoever.”

Download it now:

[Full album as a .zip file]

Individual tracks:

01 whatever you may think

02 and whatever you may say

03 is all the same

04 to me today

05 and whatever you can imagine

06 and whatever you can dream

07 is all for naught

08 or so it seems

09 and every time

10 you think of me

11 remember these words

12 i said to thee

13 it doesn’t matter

14 i couldn’t care

15 less than now

16 here or there

17 so said the rabbit

18 to the hare

19 as they dined on meats and ale

TR# Z05


And here is some album art for those who want to burn a cd of this fine new album.