pIN nETWERK ver. 6.0

pinnetwerkpage-250x197Welcome to the all new Pin homepage (ver. 6.0 since the year 2000).

It’s not as pretty as the old version, but it’s easier to maintain, manage data, and so on. So that, at least, is something. And the best part, of course, is that there is new stuff for you to see and hear.

First off: There is some new news: There is a new Pin album currently in production, slated for a late 2015 release. It will probably be preceded by a single.

p11In the mean time, there is a current pin single, called “Tack” for you to enjoy.

Tack is a fine single. It revels in the space between simplicity and complexity. The idea was to make a very simple sounding song, that appeared to become more complex the more closely one listens to it. It was very fun to make. Perhaps it will also be fun for you to listen to? It’s hard to say, but we certainly hope so. Stranger things have happened (or so they say… I’m not entirely sure about that though).

And there are two collections of songs from the years 2000 to 2014 available to download for your listening pleasure:

p09The first of the two collections is a very nice “Best-of Pin from 2000 to 2014″. If you think that, possibly, you might be interested in Pin’s particular range of electronic music, this would be a very good place to start. This collects material from every Pin album from “001” to “Product #8” as well as material from the singles.

If you downloaded these songs and decided that you liked them, or if you are one of those fine people who are already familiar with the main elements of Pin music. Why not try our second compilation? Perhaps you might just enjoy that too. Anything – after all – is possible in this strange world.

p10The second compilation is a collection of remixes and b-sides from 2000 to 2014. There are a number of remixes of Pin songs, by Pin and by other artists in this collection. There are also b-sides from the singles. And there are unreleased songs and instrumentals.

We hope you enjoy listening to these fine songs as much as we enjoyed making them.Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Below this post you will posts covering the individual items of the Pin discography from 2000 to 2014. Perhaps you will find that interesting? Who is to say?