Album: Count Backwards

In the last days of 2021, another shitty year of shittiness, enjoy some new Fools Community Orchestra songs… The last song is Quite Shitty. 01 Count Backwards 02 Correct/Superb 03 A Cat Named “Don’t” 04 And You 05 No Secret 06 Quite Shitty And, you can stream the album on …

Album: Disco 92 (Single)

Dream the life, live the dream, BE the sea-creature you’ve always wanted to be… Tracks: 01 Disco 92 (Single Version) 02 Never in the History of the Earth 03 Don’t sweat that shit And, you can stream the whole thing on youtube, if that’s the sort of crazy thing you’re …

Album: EP2

We invite you to enjoy this lovely new EP from “The Fools Community Orchestra” entitled: “EP 2.” It’s a lovely 6 tracks of lovelyness. 01 Lovely Things 02 All Sorts 03 Crux 04 No 05 No Way 06 Secret And you can stream the whole album here:

Album: EP1

Here is the all new EP, entitled: “EP,” from the all new “The Fools Community Orchestra.” We hope you enjoy it! 01 Welcome 02 Don’t You Dare! 03 Plague Fleas 04 Tree 05 Blame 06 Who? And you can stream the whole album here: