Dumbass: Lumina 1 & 2
Lumina 1 -
Selected mood pieces: 1995-2002

Disc 1:                                                                               DOWNLOADS:

1 kiss (muse)                                                                  
2 Any way you can                                                           DOWNLOAD NO MATTER
3 The night sky
                                                               DOWNLOAD WHAT IS
4 Numb
                                                                            DOWNLOAD THE ME GENERATIONS
5 Stay
6 Moving pictures
7 One way
8 Bitte
9 Walking metaphor
10 Sights and sounds
11 Real
12 Watch mechanism
13 Repose
14 Praise of folly
15 The dawn
16 Weak
17 What questions and possible answers
18 It's transparent
19 Surrender (demo)
20 Time capsule

Disc 2:

1 In the moonlight
2 These are the times
3 The void
4 Transparent
5 Blue
6 Quiet
7 The living
8 Grey
9 Strength from weakness
10 Terrible things
11 The chills of memory
12 When

Lumina 2-
Selected mood pieces: 2002-2004

1 No matter
2 These times
3 Green (alternate version)
4 The missing answers are not here
5 What is
6 A moment
7 The sky is falling
8 The me generations (apathy)
9 Ghost ships sinking
10 Nothing is new
11 Goat's head (alternate version)
12 The kitchen
13 Thought and feeling
14 She said
15 Prophesy
16 Blue (live)
17 Tragedy as a construct
18 Rolling green hills
19 Grey (live)
20 Ascent (live)
21 It feels like home
22 Solace (alternate version)
23 Sleep like the liars and angels

Lumina 1 & 2 released 2004

The two Lumina collections were a way for us to release a lot of strange material that had
been sitting around for quite a while. We had piles of unreleased songs, many of which
we thought were quite good, but they were not part of any album; they had no home. A lot
of these songs were mellow, others were more ambient, others just presented strange
moods. We also had spent a couple of nights with a tape recorder, keyboard, a couple of
cymbals, and 2 acoustic guitars and had performed some live acoustic takes of some old
songs. On top of these groups of material, I had also, as an exercise, recorded some
re-interpretations of some old material, in a stripped down and moody manner. The
question of what to do with all of this brought up the thought of a compilation of sorts.
The idea for one compilation turned into two, then it turned into three discs. Fixer came
up with a couple of brilliant running orders for the discs, and we were done. There is a
lot of strange and wonderful music here. Enjoy.

Zeke Mason