Die Mauer, Theoretical notes:

Die Mauer is essentially about
Time, space and the human, and
their relations.

For those who are satisfied, please
stop here.

From the conclusion to the original theoretical
(composed in Berlin, Oct, 2002)

The Experiment:

An infinite number of events, stretching back into
infinite time have combined to cause myself to
exist, to cause dumbass to be formed, to cause
this concept to form in my mind. This is one of an
infinite number of examples of infinite causality.
All of this infinite causality stretches back into
infinity (infinity/infinity [= 1]). The completion of
this album will be another event with an infinite
number of causes; another case of infinite
causality. AS we approach this point the number
of causes shrings (perceptibly so and inactuality
though the actual shrinking of the known AND
unknowncauses is beyond our vision).
Nonetheless, the closer we get to the point of
completion, not only does the number of causes
shrink, but the rate at which the number of causes
shrinks increases. For our purposes we will end
observation at one single perceptible cause (the
pressing of the album), but the shrinkage of causes
(just as the total amount of perceptible and
imperceptible causes is always infinite in a single
moment of spacetime, through the agency of
history) indeed goes on into infinity (th pushing of
a button, the moving of a muscle, the nerve

From the early notes:

-History of Berlin up to this point
-the new building, IE the city as it is now, with its
new growth
-not the result of the consiousness of the people
that compose it, nor of its history, rather of
something else
-the race foreward, towards?
-catching up?
-the melancholia + dissasociation
-the wall itself
-its unique plave in berlin's consciousness
-island-city, nation in itself
-feelings of confusion, detachment

All of the historical causes for this one, songle,
verry specific situation/mindset/problem/thing  
(the berlin mind, the mind and body of the city
itself...) stretching back into infinity, involving the
whole world and its entire history and each and
every event and cause triggering others... An
infinite expansion back into time, into infinity... Or
to look at it another way, Time, Space,
Circumstance, (probability), all contracting and
condensing into one single unit of humanity (or if
you will, a single spacio-temporal event).

As time increases towards any arbitrarily set
spacio-temporal event, probability decreases
exponentially from infinity and coaleces into a
unit (one single point ot spacetime-circumstance).

Human existence therefore, moves from a state of
infinite causality (where any outcome is uncertain
due simply to the impossibility of calculation)
towards a state of infinite definition and
restriction. What we are dealing with then is a
reversed theory of infinite probability. A theory of
infinite causality, and infinite restriction
(determinism). Infinite causality is constantly
collapsing into single spacio-temporal events. A
constantly shrinking universe and existence
moving toward some possible point of maximum
collapse (big crunch?).

The ultraspecific nature of the berlin experience
can be seen as a metaphore then for the
description of not only an aspect of the human
condition but a universal theory of existence and


This is all highly summary and patchy at the same
time, but it gives one an idea.
The original theoretical notes are available,
scanned in their entirety on the multimedia disc
(included in version 3 of Die Mauer)
for more detailed information (though no less
clear or organised [these were only ever meant to
be working notes to myself and were composed in
a mad rush in the middle of the night in early
October in Berlin, under a dim desklamp, by the
window, overlooking a courtyard, in a former
telephone factory]) please consult these.

Thank you,
Zeke Mason