Practical Notes:

The actual recording of the songs began
with trips all over the province with a
battery powered recorder to obtain

We recorded everything from simple,
sample material to complete, live rythm
tracks to entire songs on these trips.

The instruments were (in no particular
order): The alexandria bridge (built in
1924 it has been out of use since the
1950's when the highway was diverted),
The fraser river itself (and tributaries),
rock clifts, shale, dirt, rocks and gravel,
large boulders, drainage pipes, culverts,
a car-wreck (pre 1950's), Trees (both
living and dead logs (including a rotten
stump)), Airconditioning parts from a
demolished service-station, pvc pipe and
various other found objects...
Rocks, logs, a drainage pipe and other beach debris, A disused ferry dock, metal viewing platforms, snow, Power towers (several
varieties), Fire, Air, water, earth..., Red-hot metal and water, red-hot metal and hammers, pitch and fire, splitting wedge and wood,
high-tension guy wires, Metal poles, A metal fire-pit ring high in the mountains, ash, rocks..., A highway bridge (again high up in a
mountain pass), its metal beams, concrete deck..., A raging river, and so on and so forth...

Once we had completed these recordings (several hours of them) we brought them into the studio. Here they were either left as is, or
they were use as a base track upon which to build songs (percussion...) or they were cut and pasted into new creatures, or individual
sounds were lifted from them which were used as samples. To this we added guitars, bass, violin, drums, vocals, piano... and finally, we
were left with many hours of songs. From these we compiled the three versions of Die Mauer.