Dumbass - Stories

1 Stories (61 min.)

A single album, composed of a single song,
recorded in a single day.

Stories began as a track for the summer/winter/2
weeks album. I had taken an electric hedge-trimmer
to a heavy metal plate for an extended period of
time and we decided to slow the recording down.
Then we slowed it down some more, and some
more. Eventually, from a rapid, jack-hammer on
metal type sound, we were left with a slow
undulating mechanical murmur that went on for
almost an hour. For some reason we decided to
push it a bit further, till it was exactly 1 hour and 1
minute long. Then we began laying down all manner
of metal, plastic, and wood percussion over top of it.
Then guitars followed, then synthesizers, and finally
I began to lay down vocals. I had retrieved a
file-folder full of old short stories I had written years
before. I began reading these into a microphone
while fixer noodled around on the guitar. We
recorded in long takes, an hour and a minute at a
time late into the night. We mixed the vocals low so
that the words drift in and out of hearing. The
stories are there but they cannot be followed. The
storyteller drones on, drunk on the kiss of the muse.
She sings through his lips into the wee hours till
sleep takes us.