1 goat's head
2 HELL: secret song (from the original tape-only version)
3 alternative (pre-hell version)
4 jam (one of the earliest recordings)
5 puke 3 (a prod tradition)
6 how to win friends & influence people (original demo)
7 step (an early unreleased track)
8 terrible things (from just after the album: salvation)
9 unknown (one of the earliest dumbass recordings)
10 subter... (cover)
11 authority, conformity, and piss (fuzzed-out, non-album version)
12 petrol (recorded just after the release of hell)
13 pitch (one of the first dumbass instrumentals)

Rare shit was a limited edition release, the first copies of which
were given out as gifts to guests at dumbass' 5 year birthday
party performance.

It is now out of print.

Pictures from 1995