Previous Work

Three Crucial Albums:

Die Mauer

Die Mauer was conceived by the light of a desk lamp  late one October night in a hostel that had once been a telephone factory in Berlin after a flash of inspiration at the longest remaining stretch of the wall. The initial tracks were recorded all over the wilds of British Columbia on rocks, bridges, power towers, trees, etc. then studio work was added. Still regarded as the best Dumbass album by both the band and the fans.

01 The outline of the hypothesis
02 Expansion of the particulars (part 1)
03 Expansion of the particulars (part 2)
04 Unlimited horizons
05 Infinity as a unity
06 The human wager
07 Homeland
08 The unitary cause is infinite
09 Tempus est aligatus
10 The tunnel
11 History
12 Hermeneutics
13 Semiotics
14 Method
15 Glass
16 Causality leads to determinism
17 Seeking
18 Dialectics
19 The test of time
20 Certainty

VIDEO – The Outline of the Hypothesis


Summer / Winter / 2 Weeks

Recorded over two separate weeks – one in the middle of summer, the other in the dead of winter. Two Weeks has a strangely magic feel to it.

01 Beautiful horizons
02 Summer song
03 The reasons why
04 Elapsed time under 12 seconds
05 Ich
06 Try hard as you will
07 Complications in the summer heat
08 Making this thing
09 Winter song (Miss Timid)
10 Flower petals
11 Twilight in summer
12 Seasonal affected disorder

VIDEO – The Reasons Why


The Execution of Certain Actions

Time and space themselves are the instruments here. Recorded at night in scrap yards, railway tunnels, and atop a 40 foot metal tower, the recording process is ritualized and ritual represents the musical score.

Possibly one of the least accessible Dumbass albums, but also one of the most significant.

01 Execution # 1 (railway tunnel with approaching train)
02 Execution # 2 (modem machine music)
03 Execution # 3 (guitar and environment)
04 Execution # 4 (hostile piano)
05 Execution # 5 (40′ metal tower)

VIDEO – Execution #5

More Albums to Download:

The History of Idiocy – The best of 2002-2008

The History of Idiocy was the second Dumbass best-of collection. Spanning Dumbass’ most fruitful period to date these songs are not only the best of 2002-2008, but are some of the best Dumbass songs created.

Disc One:

01 Waste
02 The Outline of the Hypothesis
03 The Unitary Cause is Infinite in its Constituent Parts
04 The Tunnel
05 Reflexive knowledge
06 Execution #3 (Guitar & Environment)
07 Everything
08 Miss Captivating
09 The Reasons Why
10 Execution #4 (Hostile Piano)
11 The Human Wager
12 Beautiful Horizons
13 Random Action #2 (Summer)
14 Processing Plant
15 End of the End
16 Certainty

Disc Two:

01 God’s Garden
02 Deep Eyes
03 Non-Simultaneity
04 Bored & Stupid
05 Cash (Single Version)
06 Ramble
07 Execution #1 (Railway Tunnel with Approaching Train)
08 The Audacity of Your God Astonishes Me (Live)
09 History (Live)
10 Random Action #15 (Spring)
11 The Expansion of the Particulars (Part 2)
12 Simile
13 Weep

VIDEO – Deep Eyes


Modernity was a harsh, electronic-meets-guitars critique of the world in which we live. An accompanying film was also produced.

01 Non-simultaneity
02 Fingers
03 Four days in the life
04 Processing plant
05 Self defense
06 You know just what to do
07 Machine culture
08 Less than
09 Give me a reason to believe
10 Passing away
11 The evolution of entertainment
12 Broadband
13 Impending doom
14 The edge

VIDEO – Non-Simultaneity

Cash (Single)

Cash was a stand alone single that instantly became a favourite.

01 Cash (single version)
02 Name withheld
03 Gripping
04 Profit machine
05 Cash (alternate vocal)
06 Cash (best of 1995-2002 version)
07 Cash (longer version)

Miscellaneous Songs to Download:

Random Actions #s 6 & 2

04 Executions live
05 All our wishes

Everything / Miss Captivating

02 Kiss (muse)
04 No matter
05 What is
06 The me generations (apathy)

The Dumbass Sampler

07 Falling up is easier
09 Sex is a commodity
10 Audacity