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God’s Garden: (2009)

God’s Garden is an organic and experimental album that feels like a logical development from the movements of the previous several years of work. This release sees Dumbass recording largely live on many tracks rather than building up songs piece by piece in the studio, mixing elements of noise-rock and post-punk with more (and less) traditional experiments. New member Stanley Pushkin adds his talents on bass, keyboards, and guitar.

01 God’s Garden
02 Lie Beside Me
03 Gauze
04 Monogamous Binaries
05 Life Dirge
06 Night Active
07 Touching Eyes
08 Seldom
09 Faces
10 Maria Theresa
11 Santa Maria
12 Gallows
13 Viteus
14 Librarius
15 In Flammeolum
16 Aphrodite’s Eyes & Manifold Names
17 In Absentia
18 The Concept of Anxiety
19 Falling Atoms

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Faces, the second single from God’s Garden is a slow, moody dirge with a prominent, mournful saxophone lead.

01 Faces
02 Take Apart My Eyes
03 Such a Shame
04 Sleep
05 She Came to Me
06 The Silent Woods





God’s Garden:

God’s Garden, the eponymous single, is a cheeky, funny, noisy fable of belonging.

01 God’s Garden
02 Pleasureplex
03 I Love You
04 Us
05 Waypoints
06 Faces (Long Version)
07 Lost
08 God’s Garden (Hellhole Remix by Pin)
09 God’s Garden (Paradiso Remix by Pin)
10 Five
11 Seldom (Infrequent Remix by Pin)
12 God’s Garden (November 2007 Version)
13 You and Me



Three Crucial Albums: Die Mauer, Summer/Winter/2-Weeks, & The Execution of Certain Actions.

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