Dumbass 2020

Photo on 4-8-20 at 3.41 PMWe’re still working on new material…

In the meantime, here’s some info and such:

Dumbass is an old band (started in 1994). We’ve been making music a long time. Since 2001 Dumbass has been the duo of Zeke Mason and Fixer. We’ve made a lot of music together over the years, but it’s become a slower process since 2008 (we now live in different countries, to say nothing of families and jobs, which take up lots of time). For these reasons our output has slowed down a lot. But we’re still working on stuff… it just takes a lot longer now. Our philosophy since 2008 has been that new Dumbass music simply takes as long as it takes, and that’s it really. All that is merely to say that we’re actually still doing stuff, the project isn’t dead (we’ll both be 40 this year… if we haven’t stopped by now, the odds are that we won’t now)… and… to say that we think we should be done the next Dumbass album by the end of 2020 (that’s the hope anyways!). Until then, here is some previous work to keep you listening for hours on end:

Robbing Graves 1Robbing Graves

Our most recent album is 2014’s Robbing Graves.

It was our 15th full album and our 38th release in total. The fact that I think it’s one of our best albums, after so much music-making for so long, is very gratifying.

It was a very long, slow process to make, but it paid off.

You can download it for free (like all of our releases), and stream it, and read more about it, and see some pictures, etc. all HERE

The next most recent album was 2009’s God’s Garden

d35_gods_gardenGod’s Garden

God’s Garden showed us at the height of our collaborative powers, taking a looser, less thematically and theoretically grounded approach to composition that we hadn’t really used since Hymns of Disillusion.

We were definitely wearing our post-noise-rock hats with this one. It’s a stone-cold-classic.

You can also download it for free, watch videos, download single b-sides, and so on HERE


Before that, our most recent album was Modernity


Modernity, with it’s themes of social isolation, information-technology overload, and so on feels strangely prescient right now.

Modernity was the last part of a sort of unintentional trilogy that included the albums, Hymns of Disillusion, and The Me Generation. You can read about all of that, download all 3 albums, see some pictures, etc. HERE

We also made a full-length movie to accompany the album… I’d recommend watching it!

Three Crucial Albums

Beyond that there are lots more releases, but a great place to start digging into them is with three crucial albums: Die Mauer, Summer/Winter/Two Weeks, and The Execution of Certain Actions.


These are some of our best. Die Mauer is a deep exploration of the idea of determinism. Summer/Winter/Two Weeks an exercise in freedom and control amid seasonal ruminations, and The Execution of Certain Actions is a deep dive into ritual.

As with the above, you can download them all for free, watch videos, etc. HERE

Historical Review

Over the past couple of years we uploaded a bunch of older releases that only ever saw physical release on CD. Now they are available to download (for free, obviously). We also saw this as a chance for a bit of historical reflection, so we commented fairly heavily on them, added some pictures and so on.

One of these batches of re-releases (or digital releases for the first time) were the above-mentioned other two albums of the Modernity trilogy.


The second re-release was the double-album Jouissance, an album about creativity, love, sex, and life. There are a lot more acoustic instruments on this one… It stands out a lot from the rest of our catalogue.

One of the restrictions we placed on ourselves while recording this was that it needed to be about performances over perfection, so we didn’t do any editing… Everything was recorded in long takes; if there was a mistake in a take we had to decide whether to keep it, or to re-do the entire take from the beginning.

As with all of these, you can download it for free, read about it, and look at some pretty pictures, HERE




And finally, the first of these historical re-releases was the 2000 double album Misery, which turns 20 years old this year.

It’s a dissection of the idea of change presented through an exploration of myths of death and rebirth.

I can definitely hear how young I was when I made it, but I’m still proud of it as an early work.

I recorded it over a period of two years of intense work. The two discs together form a continuous cycle… the first leads directly into the second, which leads directly back into the first… Try listening to it on repeat (it’s a big commitment, but pays off, I think).

Download it, read about it, see the pretty pictures, etc. all HERE

Well, that’s enough to situate you if you are new to our music and give you an update if you are not… Enjoy!

And stay tuned for a new Dumbass album… hopefully by the end of 2020.

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