Dr. Roboto & The Hardcore Crisis: The Ballad of Johnny Custard

Dr. Roboto & The Hardcore Crisis present: The Ballad of Johnny Custard:

1 – The Ballad of Johnny Custard

2 – 2 Legit 2 Resign

3 – That Intestinal Funk!

4 – Chrome Pipes

5 – You Sick Sick Fuck

6 – Gulch Mulch

7 – Johnny Custard’s Hip Hop Throwdown

8 – In Which Johnny Custard Receives A Brand New, Stainless Steel Testicle Piercing

9 – And Then Johnny Custard Discovered That The Real Gift Was The Friends He Made Along The Way And Also In Prison, Because He Went To Prison For Several Quite Awful Things

10 – The Ballad of Johnny Custard (reprise)

At long last we have a full Dr. Roboto & the Hardcore Crisis album… If you don’t love this you are an idiot, a stupid, stupid idiot. When this was first delivered to me I listened to it on repeat over and over again; you should do the same thing!

Also, here are some older Dr. Roboto things from the past:

The Strut (Featuring the Pink Pussycats)


Remix of Pin’s “And Why Not Tomorrow Part 2” Part 2 Part 3 by Dr. Roboto (age 35)

Remix of “Warlust” by Pin

Remix of “Repose” by Vates Mortis

Remix of “Lies” by Imd



Vates Mortis Album: Before the Dawn – The Best of Vates Mortis

v07thebestofvatesmortis-250x250The gothtastic princes of mope present the best that they could manage.

01 the end of the world
02 summertime
03 this evening
04 stab
05 love
06 my misery
07 into the night
08 could you even care?
09 naught but a dream
10 core
11 so i was thinking
12 last breath
13 roses in the cemetary
14 tryst
15 feeding on us
16 scream
17 the seasons of our lives
18 under the eaves
19 a garden in winter

Vates Mortis Album: All Through the Night – Remixes & B-Sides

v06_remixes-250x250Depression… redux.

01 Could You Even Care (Remix by Fixer)
02 This Evening (Bassy Mix)
03 Tryst (Remix by YPC)
04 Burning Fingertips
05 This Isolation (Remix by Pin)
06 Into the Night (Remix by Fixer)
07 Mist (Version 1)
08 Soul
09 Repose (Remix by Dr. Roboto)
10 Mist (Version 2)
11 And Now…
12 Summertime (Remix by Zeke Mason)
13 My Misery (Remix by Pin)
14 End of the Line
15 Could You Even Care? (Remix by Zeke
16 Dance of Death
17 Mist (Version 3)
18 Let Me Be You
19 This Evening (Remix by Pin)
20 Carbide
21 And Now…
22 And Now…
23 And Now…

Vates Mortis Downloads: Misc

v04midsummersnightcd-250x250Midsummer’s Night:

1. This Evening
2. Under The Eaves
3. Last Breath
4. Memories
5. Love
6. Tryst
7. Betrayal
8. My Misery
9. The Seasons of Our Lives
10. Naught but a Dream
11. Summertime
12. A Garden in Winter
13. Repose
14. You Swore You Would
15. Lullaby

This Evening (Selections):

1. This Evening (Album Cut)
2. This Evening (Pin Remix)
3. Dance of Death

Halloween (Selections):

1. Into the Night

2. Could You Even Care
3. The End of the World
4. Feeding on Us
5. Roses in the Cemetary