Dr. Roboto & The Hardcore Crisis: The Ballad of Johnny Custard

Dr. Roboto & The Hardcore Crisis present: The Ballad of Johnny Custard:

1 – The Ballad of Johnny Custard

2 – 2 Legit 2 Resign

3 – That Intestinal Funk!

4 – Chrome Pipes

5 – You Sick Sick Fuck

6 – Gulch Mulch

7 – Johnny Custard’s Hip Hop Throwdown

8 – In Which Johnny Custard Receives A Brand New, Stainless Steel Testicle Piercing

9 – And Then Johnny Custard Discovered That The Real Gift Was The Friends He Made Along The Way And Also In Prison, Because He Went To Prison For Several Quite Awful Things

10 – The Ballad of Johnny Custard (reprise)

At long last we have a full Dr. Roboto & the Hardcore Crisis album… If you don’t love this you are an idiot, a stupid, stupid idiot. When this was first delivered to me I listened to it on repeat over and over again; you should do the same thing!

Also, here are some older Dr. Roboto things from the past:

The Strut (Featuring the Pink Pussycats)


Remix of Pin’s “And Why Not Tomorrow Part 2” Part 2 Part 3 by Dr. Roboto (age 35)

Remix of “Warlust” by Pin

Remix of “Repose” by Vates Mortis

Remix of “Lies” by Imd



Trash Records Audio Report (Part 1: 1998-2008)

2008 marked the 20 year anniversary of Trash Records.

Here is a playlist for your listening pleasure from the first 10 of those years. It’s not comprehensive (there are bands from those 10 years not represented), nor is it fully representative of each of the bands featured (some of them have done things that sound quite different from the songs here); it is, rather, a little taste of some of the things we did in those first 10 years. It’s not a “best-of,” as lots of best songs were surely left off of the list. I chose fast here; making a series of quick decisions about a set of stand-out songs that work together as a play-list and introduction. (They are culled from MP3s made at different times and are therefore at different bit-rates.) Enjoy!

You can download the songs here, or stream it below:

01 Dumbass – Cash (Single Version)
02 Dumbass –  Blindness
03 Dumbass –  Bored & Stupid (V.2)
04 Pin – Warlust (Single Version)
05 Pin – missile defense
06 Pin –  Amerikatowne
07 Vates Mortis – This Evening
08 Vates Mortis – The End of the World
09 Vates Mortis – Summertime
10 YPC – Computation Calculation
11 YPC – Retro Boogie 3
12 YPC – Love in the Evening
13 Triceratops – Angry Walrus
14 Triceratops – Bill the Conq
15 Triceratops – Triceratops (Live)
16 Mr. Spooky Band – In the Den of the Leopard
17 Mr. Spooky Band – The Seduction
18 Dumbass – Deep Eyes
19 Dumbass – History
20 Dumbass – Making This Thing
21 Zeke Mason – Mind Under Matter

Stream the playlist on youtube:



Mr Spooky & The Mr Spooky Band Album: Knob

s05_knob_copy-376x271Dirty jazz and sleazy rock… mmmmm… delicious!

Knob – EP 1: Welcome to my Pants

01 In the Den of the Leopard
02 Loverboy
03 Cockadile
04 Funk Side Up
05 Down to the Corner
06 Sex Monkey
07 Pete/Suzanne
08 Welcome to my Pants

Knob – EP 2: Soiled Mattress Express

09 Poo
10 Lust in the Eye
11 Can You… mmmmmm
12 Fornication
13 Rotum
14 Behinded
15 Filthy Love
16 Goodnight Darlin’
17 Filthy Little Secret (song)