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Vates Mortis Album: Before the Dawn – The Best of Vates Mortis

Mr Spooky & The Mr Spooky Band Album: Knob

Vates Mortis Album: All Through the Night – Remixes & B-Sides

v06_remixes-250x250Depression… redux.

01 Could You Even Care (Remix by Fixer)
02 This Evening (Bassy Mix)
03 Tryst (Remix by YPC)
04 Burning Fingertips
05 This Isolation (Remix by Pin)
06 Into the Night (Remix by Fixer)
07 Mist (Version 1)
08 Soul
09 Repose (Remix by Dr. Roboto)
10 Mist (Version 2)
11 And Now…
12 Summertime (Remix by Zeke Mason)
13 My Misery (Remix by Pin)
14 End of the Line
15 Could You Even Care? (Remix by Zeke
16 Dance of Death
17 Mist (Version 3)
18 Let Me Be You
19 This Evening (Remix by Pin)
20 Carbide
21 And Now…
22 And Now…
23 And Now…

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