The Fools Community Orchestra are a smash-hit musical phenomenon that have been taking the world by storm for a vast number of years. I’m sure you’ve been hearing about them since you first began learning language as a very small child. Their roots go back to the early 1800s, though it’s uncertain whether they came together in New York City or Spuzzum British Columbia. Most scholars believe that it was an instance of spontaneous simultaneous creation in both locations with no influence from one on the other or the other on the other one. What is known is that by 1802 the New York contingent and the Spuzzum contingent were in regular psychic contact through an unique mode of aetherial transmissions and second-class post, though all parties had been hitherto unknown to one another. Over two centuries of activity followed (with a brief hiatus in 1987). Only seven of the original members from 1802 are still active participants, the rest having retired due to extreme old age (though several of those still make periodic contributions).

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