2015AnnualReportCoverTrash Records Annual Reports:

#1 – Trash Records Annual Report 2015

[The 2015 Annual Report contains information about 2015 releases, an interview with Pin, an article about physicality and music that includes an interview with Robert Peckyno, photographs from Chris Clements, paintings from Zeke Mason, and comics.]


#0 – Prospectus/Retrospectus (2014a) Download as .pdf

[Annual Report #0 contains a retrospective rumination on the first 16 years of Trash Records, a glance forward at the future, and a commentary on the present… how about that? It also includes a Dumbass retrospective (along the same lines), a Q&A with YPC, and a gallery of Trash Records posters from years gone by… just because. Enjoy.]




Poo Monkey is a comic about a monkey and his many friends and enemies… has a better comic ever been drawn by anyone ever? Probably not.